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Catalin C. Mitelut, PhD, JD


Welcome to my website. I am a postdoctoral researcher in statistics and neuroscience at Columbia University in NYC, previously a phd student in neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a visiting scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.

(Neuro)Science of volition

My broad research interest is to investigate volition from multiple perspectives including psychology, neuroscience, statistics and artificial intelligence.  Volition refers to the capacity of complex organisms to make free willful decisions or to self-initiate acts in the presence or absence of external forces.  Volition is related  to millennia-old debates about free will but thanks to advances in AI and novel experimental neuroscience recording methods volition can now be scientifically studied.

My work focuses on both software tool development and gathering data using modern experimental neuroscience methods:

    • Cortical electrophysiology and optical physiology (experiment and data analysis)
    • Machine learning tools for behavioural video and neural recording analysis
    • Spike sorting tool development for large-scale neural recordings
    • Biophysical models of cortex and testing of spike sorting tools



I am always interested in collaborations with other researchers especially in these areas:

  • Analysis of simultaneous ephys and ophys recordings in freely moving animals
  • Neural networks and machine learning approaches for understanding neural dynamics
  • GPU and CPU parallelization methods for online data processing


Thanks for visiting.